Monthly Archives: februari 2017

Story points

I once received this e-mail from one of my team members as I reply to my question to the team to estimate a certain story. He said; “So my estimation in days: Optimistic: 1 day Most probable: 2 days Pessimistic: 5 days, if we discover something really unexpected” Well this had me laughing. Because he […]

Get the message across

Did you ever get that feeling you’re talking to yourself? Or hear yourself repeating the same message over and over again? Good! In my experience, people don’t “get” the important messages the first time around. If you want everyone to be on the same page, put the page in front of them conveniently and often. […]

Talk to me

I’ve been Scrum Master to many different teams. Usually there is at least one really outspoken character in the mix. If he’s in a good place, the whole team vibrates with energy. If he’s in a mood, headphones are on. As a Scrum Master it’s those outspoken characters with whom you have some heavy discussions […]