Goals VS principles

I found this on the lovely World Wide Web and it made me giggle:

Yes, you’re reading that right: 3% just doesn’t know which Agile methodology they are using.
Source: https://masterofproject.com/blog/3525/agile-frameworks-methodologies

Your goals should determine what Agile methodology to use

Agile and Scrum have almost become synonymous. Have you wondered what’s the difference? Scrum is an Agile framework. It is probably the most known and therefor often confused with Agile. But there are many; Kanban, XP, Lean are some that are also popular. Obviously the list continues after that. The Agile umbrella has many offerings depending on your needs. Before choosing a framework you should carefully consider your goals. Why are you implementing an Agile methodology? What are you trying to achieve? Technical depth? Increasing efficiency? Eliminating waste? Pick a framework. Implement the framework. Use the framework. Now you are, as I often say; ‘doing Agile’.

Using an Agile methodology does not necessarily increase your Agility

There is something I want to say. Scream. The bad news is that after you’ve picked a methodology you’ve only done a small portion of the work. Because what is Agile? Essentially Agile is not concerned with executing a planned project in a sequential order. But more importantly Agile actually refers to a philosophy shared by group of development methods (ie Agile frameworks), each offering a unique approach. All Agile frameworks share a core set of principles. ‘The Agile Manifesto‘ was published in 2001 and promotes those key values. So Agility is about the principles your uphold. One cannot be Agile. You can strive to increase your Agility. Agility is a concept. Agility is a mindset.

So make sure you wake up each day with the right mindset to increase your Agility.

And having a Scrum board does not make you agile.

*Drops mic*