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If you are working in Scrum you know that having a Definition of Ready helps determine when a piece of work is ‘actionable’. Namely, the Team understands what needs to be done to deliver an increment. But what if, even when you reach that point of understanding the work, there is still a certain amount […]

Summer Scrum

It’s here; summer! Which means for many of us that we’re starting the countdown to summer holidays. While summer might be good for our vitamin D intake it usually puts a lot of strain on our planning skills. Which is funny because summer holidays are not an unexpected event. You can easily plan for it. […]

Continuous disruption

A lot of discussion I’ve been having these last few weeks is about disruption. In Agile we strive for continuous improvement. But what happens to the process, the people when you’re in that phase where you just eat-sleep-repeat your day, with mind-numbingly accuracy? How are you improving anything if you are doing the same thing […]