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Goals VS principles

I found this on the lovely World Wide Web and it made me giggle: Yes, you’re reading that right: 3% just doesn’t know which Agile methodology they are using. Source: Your goals should determine what Agile methodology to use Agile and Scrum have almost become synonymous. Have you wondered what’s the difference? Scrum is an […]


I’ve seen many a manager addicted to control and power. The managers that ask us to forward the presentation before that client meeting because they want to look over the task. The managers that immediately step in when something isn’t going smoothly. They will never explain it as an addiction to control themselves. The blatant […]

Fearless 2018

Be honest with yourself. What didn’t you do in 2017 because you were afraid of something? And how much did that cost you in the end? What opportunities did you miss out on because you were stuck in status-quo? And are you where you are right now in your life because you happily, objectively and […]

Be like Bill

Don’t be ‘that guy’: Dishonest, selfish, stubborn, a snitch, arrogant, insulting and angry Especially just don’t; Take credit for someone else’s work Constantly put the blame elsewhere Be afraid to ask for help Complaining and yet doing nothing about it Stab others in the back Be this guy: Friendly, positive, healthy, involved, interested, self-sufficient and […]

Personal Maturity

We use Team Maturity (Metrics) to measure the result of Team efforts (ie. Velocity, Cycle time, On product index, Team happiness, NPS). Personal maturity is the scale by which we measure personal efficiency of individual team members. Personal maturity is all about developing soft skills that are key to the company’s culture. You show both […]

Letting go

Sure I believe that Agile techniques can be applied anywhere. Who doesn’t believe in the promise of a more effective production process with better communication and a faster delivery. That being said, what Scrum Master hasn’t been in the ‘let go or be dragged’ situation. In my experience a deadlock usually occurs when upper management […]

Chicken & Pig

Ken Schwaber created the pigs and the chicken metaphor in the early days of Scrum and it has been used repeatedly to separate the people who are committed to the project from the people who are simply involved. When producing a dish made of ham and eggs, the pig provides the ham which requires his […]